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Talented Good News June 2015

26 May 2015


What connects Barcelona, Bath or Brighton, Savannah, Seville or Seoul? They are all cities, drawn by Julia Gash, the head designer and founder of Talented, Britain’s coolest and most creative canvas tote bag brand.

Julia was commissioned to draw her first Cityscape of London almost two years ago by a major British retailer. Paris, New York and Tokyo soon followed as word spread and retailers soon saw how they could have their home-town drawn and screen printed on a tote bag, which could then be customized to include their own shop, making it a perfect gift item for both the tourist and local market.  Fifty Cityscapes later, Julia continues to travel around the world on paper with Google, brush and ink as her means of transporting her and her fans into another place.  She’s just launched her own website:, which acts as an ever-growing portfolio of her Cityscape work.

Julia says: “My two passions are travel and art and my Cityscape illustrations bring together these two loves.  I read maps as I read books and as such I can get lost in a map for hours.  I love it every time I get a new commission as it gives me the chance to explore a part of the world.  When I’ve finished a Cityscape it almost feels like I’ve actually been there and quenches my thirst for travel!”

From the Royal Opera House, to Liberty of London, the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and York Minster, Julia has received commissions to draw some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, which now adorn the ethical and fair trade made canvas tote bags that are screen printed in her eco-print factory, BIDBI (Bag It Don’t Bin It) based in Sheffield, England.

Available in natural canvas or dark blue denim, the cool and creative tote bags are adorned with striking red/white/blue webbing handles and come with a super cute pin badge with an iconic “I Love NY” style print.  As retailers and the public fell in love with Julia’s Cityscapes, Talented responded by extending the range of products across giftware lines such as mugs, tea towels, aprons, zip purses, lap top sleeves and T-shirts, and even a fun pop-up greeting card. 

Julia’s Cityscapes capture the imagination of those who fall in love with a city or are simply proud of their hometown.  Retailing at £10-15, Talented Cityscapes are an affordable and sustainable fashion accessory, a personal gift and high-end souvenir that are capturing hearts around the globe.

Whether it’s a street, city, country or continent, Julia’s description of the specific character of a place is an honest, playful and unique interpretation of the world in which we live.

British sustainable tote bag brand

Talented has launched a stunning collection of tote bags using vintage Hawaiian themed canvas fabrics and overprinted with geeky geographical facts about this unique Pacific island.

Talented Founder and Designer Julia Gash has combined her love of travel and art to create a collection that’s full of Aloha. 

The collection includes obscure facts such as: Aloha means hello, goodbye and love, There are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet, and Hawaii is where we can find the most isolated people and the biggest volcano. Julia brings a fresh, new vision, which reflects the innocence of a child learning about a foreign land and as a result the “Things I Know About Hawaii” collection captures a sense of wonder and awe.

Light and colourful, printed with exotic flora in vintage Hawaiian style the bags are then overprinted in bright white ink at the Talented eco-bag factory in England. “Things I Know About Hawaii” totes are tailored for summertime. Made of 100% cotton, the canvas bags are perfect for the beach, poolside bar or perched perfectly on a sunkissed shoulder.

Talented Good News June 2015

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