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Sheila Fleet Jewellery Good News July 2015

22 July 2015

First Minister launches iconic Sheila Fleet Jewellery windows in Jenners

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Walk along Princes Street and you’ll find ten of the large windows in Edinburgh’s prestigious Jenners department store are glowing with the light, colours and landscape of the far North. 

One of Scotland’s most renowned jewellery designers, Sheila Fleet OBE, is showcasing her jewellery on a swirling, dynamic illustration of her island home, Orkney.  Step closer and you’ll see Orkney’s famous landmarks and a Workshop by the sea…

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, officially opened the beautiful window displays on Monday 20 July. The ten Sheila Fleet Jewellery windows stretch along the east side of Jenners up St. David’s Street and are a collaboration between Sheila and her graphic designer, Gina Ramsay.

Sheila Fleet Jewellery is celebrating 20 years in Jenners and is already well-known in Scotland. Sheila has shops in Orkney, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Loch Lomond and employs a skilled team of 70 people. 

The windows are just in time for the thousands of overseas visitors expected in Edinburgh for the festivals and Sheila hopes the displays will become the springboard for increasing international sales: 

”People come on holiday to Scotland, see our jewellery and often become future loyal customers. We’ve seen our international sales double over the last year. All our jewellery is made in Scotland, in Orkney in fact, and people like that. We were delighted when the First Minister agreed to launch the windows. Nicola wears products designed and made in Scotland and is a great ambassador for us“.

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon spoke of the high quality experience visitors to Scotland could expect and praised the part played by Sheila Fleet Jewellery:

”Edinburgh is a beautiful city and attracts thousands of visitors every year from all over the world.  We have much to offer our guests in terms of high quality products made in Scotland, whether it be food and drink, clothing, technology or in this case, arts and crafts.

“These stunning windows by Gina Ramsay and the beautiful Sheila Fleet jewellery that they highlight, are fantastic examples of the skill and craftsmanship alive in Scotland. I am certain that they will prove eye-catching to visitors to Edinburgh looking for something special to take home with them following their stay.

“Sheila Fleet Jewellery is a real Scottish success story, already one of the biggest employers in the rural countryside of Orkney and one of the island’s biggest and best-known exports. The fantastic display I have the pleasure of launching today can only serve to increase that success and bring this fantastic jewellery to the attention of many more people.” 

Store Manager of Jenners, Alan Thomlinson, also paid tribute to Sheila and her team and described why Sheila Fleet Jewellery has been so successful in Jenners extensive jewellery department.

”Sheila Fleet represents authentic Scottish jewellery design at its very best. We are delighted to be able to showcase Sheila’s distinctive collections to our customers through the forthcoming campaign and wish her every success.”

Sheila Fleet grew up in Orkney, studied at Edinburgh College of Art, and went on to become renowned for her bold jewellery design and vibrant enamel colours.  She has created over 80 collections, many inspired by nature, by love and by spirit as well as those inspired by her island home.

Creater of the original illustrated artwork, Gina Ramsay, studied Illustration at Duncan of Jordonstone College of Art & Design and has been working with Sheila for just over a year: 

”The sheer size of the windows made this project a challenge and different to anything I have illustrated before. I love to draw with great intricacy and include little discoveries for the careful onlooker.  Having such a vast canvas lent itself well to being filled with all the life and beauty of Orkney - the very elements that have inspired Sheila to create so many stunning collections.“ 

Sheila is pleased with the result and hopes you might move up to the glass to explore the jewellery and depth of intricate detail in the drawing:

“The investment of many weeks of Gina’s time to create this amazing fusion of original art and jewellery to celebrate 20 years in Jenners and promote our international sales is just perfect and I think Gina has done a fantastic job. It is a work of art in itself!”

Visit Sheila Fleet on the Lower Ground Floor of Jenners and discover all the bold, vibrant jewellery collections behind the window illustrations.

The Sheila Fleet Jewellery windows at Jenners are on display from 20 July to 28 August.

Take home a little piece of Scotland from the heart of Edinburgh...

First Minister charmed by 8 year old Erin Morrison at Sheila Fleet Jewellery

First Minister launches iconic Sheila Fleet Jewellery windows in Jenners. One of Scotland’s most renowned jewellery designers, Sheila Fleet OBE, is showcasing her jewellery on a swirling, dynamic illustration of her island home, Orkney. 

Sheila Fleet Jewellery is celebrating 20 years in Jenners and the ten beautiful windows are a collaboration between Sheila and her graphic designer, Gina Ramsay.

Charming all at the launch with a song she wrote herself was one of Sheila’s young customers, 8 year old Erin Morrison.  

Erin lives in Edinburgh and went to Orkney on holiday last July.  

"A chance meeting with one of my young customers inspired me to ask her along. Erin's song, ”Sweet Orkney Islands“ seemed so perfect and made the occasion even more special“, said Sheila.

Erin loved Orkney, especially the colours:

“Every day there were colours that you almost can’t name – turquoise, blue, purple. In drawings people make the sand yellow but in Orkney it felt more like gold. And those colours are in Sheila Fleet’s jewellery.”

To see all the collections of Sheila Fleet Jewellery please visit their website.

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