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Really Good UK Good News July 2015

20 July 2015

We have recently had some Really Good news with the launch of our brand new Websites!

It has been a long time in the making as we wanted so many options but we are delighted so far with the outcome and just in time for our launch of new products at Harrogate Home & Gift.

We worked with Aspin as they have developed a sophisticated e-commerce platform for websites called Intersell with works alongside our current Mini sell order capture systems so all our existing account holding customers are now automatically set up with an online account so that they can place orders at their convenience.

The new system also converts these online orders to a mini sell order so that the whole order input/process time is far more streamlined.

We produced and distributed our new catalogues at the same time as the website launch which always creates a flurry of new interest resulting in a wave of orders, many of which have been placed online using the new system. We have had a couple of minor glitches – nothing that wasn’t resolved within a few minutes and so our service to the Customer has been maintained at our usual high standard!

Now on to Harrogate where the orders will be flying in!

Really Good UK Good News July 2015

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