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Ilene Steele Jewellery selected for KICKSTART 2015 Good News

28 May 2015

In March I was selected for Kickstart 2015, as one of 10 emerging designers to be championed by the British Jewellery Association.

I was actually quite nervous as I was not a good promoter of my brand and spent all my time at my bench…but I entered the competition to build my business and was fully prepared to really focus and make the most of all the opportunities that Kickstart would bring. I knew that the social media would be the hardest part as I was a total novice and hesitant to get involved. I think I was scared, it feels very exposed to post and ask to be ‘liked’.

From the start I was very gratified by all the well-wishers. My good friend and fellow Jeweller, Victoria Goddard, posted the Vote button for People’s Choice on FB and asked everyone to vote for me before I’d even voted for myself! I voted immediately. At first I had no idea how she’d done it and all I could do was ‘Share’ her page… Then my daughter showed me how to use Facebook and twitter and I began to learn how it works. One of the unexpected pleasures of this is all the help and support I’ve received from friends and colleagues alike. Little by little I was climbing up the poll and I really caught the bug. Next I went through all

my email contacts finding people I hadn't seen for years, and I back-copied hundreds of them asking them to vote for me. My son said I had ‘a lot of nerve’ as I even posted on the page for a High School Reunion that I was not even attending. Within a few days I was in the lead, which was a thrill while it lasted. The more that friends and family helped and supported me, the harder I felt I had to work. I’ve since dropped down, but it’s not over yet, fingers crossed!

Until 5pm on the 1st June please vote for Ilene Steele Jewellery

How to Vote 

For example "@jewellerylondon my favourite IJL 2015 KickStart designer is @jewellerylondon #KickStartVote #IJL2015” 

Ilene Steele Jewellery selected for KICKSTART 2015 Good News

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