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24 December 2014

Lord Livingston, Minister of State for Trade and Investment will be visiting Turkey and South Korea in February and March 2015 respectively.  These visits will include meetings of the UK-Turkey Joint Economic Trade Committee (JETCO) and UK-South Korea JETCO, which are the main government-to-government (G-2-G) forums for discussing UK trade and investment matters with these countries.  The UK-Brazil JETCO and UK-Saudi Arabia Joint Ministerial Commission are also likely to take place in early 2015. 

UKTI are keen to ensure that UK commercial priorities for these/other G-2-G trade and investment dialogues fully reflect the views of UK business – so they want to hear your views.  They would be most grateful to hear from you– specifically the questions below.  Please send your responses to UKTI’s International Unit ( by Friday 9th January 2015.  They look forward to receiving your response.  Thank you in advance for your valued contribution to this important business consultation.

  1. What barriers (e.g. market access) does your company/organisation face doing business in Turkey/South Korea/Brazil/Saudi Arabia?  Are they specific to your company/organisation or affect your business sector?
  2. Has your company/organisation raised this issue(s) with UKTI (who, where, when)?  Would you like them to be considered for inclusion in the agendas for the above G-2-G trade and investment talks or other appropriate meetings?  If yes, please provide a short summary of the issue and UKTI will contact you if we need further details.
  3. Is your company/organisation aware of the EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement and/or EU-Turkey Customs Union and the opportunities they offers UK businesses?  If yes, have you encountered any problems trying to take advantage of these opportunities?
  4. UKTI is organising a number of sectoral trade missions which will accompany Lord Livingston on his visit to Turkey (healthcare; technology (smart cities/big data/Internet of Things); and renewable energy).  Please advise whether your company/organisation would like to join any of these delegations (specifying which sector) and UKTI will contact you providing further details.

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