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Faye UK "Eco Chic" Good News March 2015

18 March 2015

Style Meets Sustainability In New Range Of Eco Chic Foldable Bags

Hitting the high street just got greener thanks to the launch of an on-trend range of fashionable, foldable bags. Underpinned by a mission to blend style with sustainability, Eco Chic retails a gorgeous collection of environmentally friendly bags for the fashion conscious woman. 

While the world is making progress when it comes to slashing plastic bag consumption, recent statistics from WRAP revealed that there is still a long way to go. In 2013, the government funded Waste and Resources Action Programme revealed that UK supermarkets handed out 8.3 billion thin-gauge single-use plastic bags. Worldwide, the global population goes through over one trillion plastic bags every year. The statistics are staggering and reflect the immediate need for people to take responsibility for their plastic consumption and start making smarter, more eco-friendly choices. 

Austin from Faye UK Ltd said, “The plastic bag figures are mind boggling and illustrate the serious need to take action, now. Eco Chic is driven by a desire to help the world move away from plastic bags and choose sustainable options. Of course, we recognise that fashion is a serious factor which is why we shine the spotlight not just on environmental credentials, but also on style, colour, functionality, diversity and up-to-the-minute designs.” 

Eco Chic is committed to combating the plastic crisis by encouraging people to invest in its reusable bags that don’t compromise on style. Whether heading to the supermarket, hitting up the high street or jetting off on a holiday, an Eco Chic bag is the perfect companion. 

Thanks to the use of strong, coated, rip-stopped Nylon, Eco Chic bags are both durable and waterproof. This makes them more than capable of withstanding the wear and tear of everyday use. All Eco Chic products are backed with a six month manufacturer’s guarantee which means they can be used time and time again without the fear of rips, tears or malfunctions. 

What really sets Eco Chic apart from the reusable bag crowd is the brand’s inherent focus on style. At Eco Chic, the in-house team of London designers is passionate about the fact that eco-friendly shouldn’t have to mean dull colours and drab designs. Instead, the bags are adorned with feminine florals, quirky owl prints, colourful Scotty dog silhouettes, prancing ponies, chirping birds, playful polka dots and more. All designs are 100% original and copyrighted in London. 

Customers can currently choose from four innovative foldaway bag designs. Lightweight and roomy, the Expandable Backpack is ideal for students and can be compacted into a handy pouch when no longer needed. For jet setters, the 30 litre capacity cabin approved Expandable Holdall is a must have companion for last minute getaways. Capable of carrying up to 5kg, the Foldable Shopper is great for supermarket trips while the Expanding Nappy Bag is a blessing for busy mums on the move. 

To celebrate the launch of its debut collection Eco Chis is running a giveaway that will see 10 lucky winners receive a free sample. To enter, simply like the official Eco Chic Facebook page. 

Eco Chic bags are currently stocked at retailers across the UK. To find out more, visit



Based in London, Eco Chic manufactures fashionable, foldaway bags with an environmentally friendly conscience. Lightweight and compact, the bags can be folded down into pocket sized pouches. Yet thanks to the use of ultra-durable materials the bags are more than capable of handling heavy loads. All designs are utterly original and developed in the brand’s London studio. 


Dakota Digital for Eco Chic
Contact: Rebecca Appleton
Tel UK: 01623 428996
Tel US: 917-720-3025

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