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Korean business delegation to visit London on 9 October

27 September 2018

KOIMA (Korea Importers Association) is bringing a business delegation with Korean buyers to London, and organise a B2B event with a focus on retail inviting UK exporters that are interested in the Korean market. The event will commence at 10am on the 9th October at Skinners' Hall in London and will include presentations and the opportunity to have 1 to 1 meetings.

The current list of companies in attendence can be found below:


Company: Woodrich Corp.


UK products the company is looking for: Kitchenware, cutlery (i.e. Fork & Knife), jewelry accessory, ladies fashion & clothing, and cosmetics


Woodrich is the exclusive regional representative for North American giftware company, “Enesco”. The Enesco produces varieties of porcelain dolls, waterballs, and high quality frames. All products are on basic design concept of ‘Precious Moments’. Since introduced in Korea 2000, the branded products collected local popularity, using its direct marketing channel in the local major department stores. And the company operates on-line shopping web pages as well.


Company: Chunjin Chemtech


UK products the company is looking for: Particularly interested in products for watches & clocks (for hand use, wall-stand, table-stand), fashion (i.e. muffler)


Chunjin’s original business is chemical and rubber importing business since 1980 but the company is now trying to expand its business into retail. Its main customers are in the U.S. and Thailand, such as RT. Vanderbilt (U.S.), Flexsys (U.S.), MLPC, D.O.G., Taminco, Performance Additives, and Southland Rubber(Thailand). The CEO of the company is currently CEO Chairman of KOIMA (Korea Importers Association).




Company: IL-WOO International Co., Ltd.


UK products the company is looking for: Ladies fashion & accessory, glass-cut home interior, tableware(fork & knife), and cosmetics


The company is specialized in providing optimized solutions and high qualified services to heavy-industry business in Korea, supplying products to shipbuilding and large-scale chemical companies. Its main products cover machineries for industrial-use printing, monitoring solutions for marine dock systems, satellite equipments for ship-use and other ship building equipment. IL-Woo is currently trying to enter the retail industry as a new business.




Company: SBP Resources Limited


UK products the company is looking for: General hardware tools for consumer use.


SBP RESOURCES LTD. is specialized in trading specialty minerals and fillers, specialty chemicals. And the company is engaged in machinery import for ceramics and glass products. Using the company’s competency to import and distribute foreign products, the company is now including the retail business in its existing business portfolio.


Company: Handoo Fire Cote Corp.


UK products the company is looking for: Professional camera, lens, and all types of camera-related products


The company is engaged in manufacturing fireproof painting products. The painting products are used to cover steel materials in buildings in order to protect steel melt-down from fire. It produces fire-proof paints in application to steel structured buildings. The company’s CEO joins the KOIMA delegation for new items of, camera-related products & accessory.




Company: Bookyung Co., Ltd.(BKC)


UK products the company is looking for: Cosmetics, interior decoration, ladies fashion, and functional organic food


We have supplied process control system, industrial instruments, factory machineries and engineering technology to Korean major exporting companies. The industry includes electronic steel mills, chemical industries and oil refineries since 1970. Recently, industrial materials such as diamond powder and mineral resources became a new line of major business of our company. The Company stands out with its price and quality competitive products. Those Korean tool makers and non-ferrous metal mill operators are in the benefit customers. Now, the company’s future interest stands at new business opportunities, importing such items of fashion and home decoration related products


Company: ASI Korea Co., Ltd.


UK products the company is looking for: Electronic gauge & measurement tools, watch, men & ladies fashion, and cosmetics


ASI Korea Co., Ltd. Imports and distributes various types of technical analyzing equipments and measurements, for testing & inspecting inner part of electronic products. Its major providers are “Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation (Japan)” and “Thermo Electron (USA)”, since 1983. The equipments are for ‘analyzing & gauzing equipment’ for checking internal hazardous materials. Its existing and new interests are as follows.


Company: Tae-Myeong General Food


UK products the company is looking for: Men’s & ladies hat, cap, hood products, and all-types of food products


We produce noodle, sauces, katsuo bushi, soy sauce and vinegar curry products in Korea. Recently, we started in research for soup and sauce related ingredient products. The company shall have a meeting with food-related suppliers.


Company: POC Korea


UK products the company is looking for: Functional & nutritional food such as vitamin-related, supplement food, baby food products


The company is specialized in importing medical equipments, for supply to ‘ICU Intensive Care Units’, Emergency Room’, ‘Operations Room’, and ‘Laboratory’ in the local hospitals. The medical devices are diagnostics for laboratory medicine use, neonatology use, and anesthesiology use ( This company is interested in mainly medical related products, however, the CEO looks for agricultural & other products, as well.


Korea Importers Association (KOIMA)


We KOIMA ( started in 1970 and associated with importer companies of 8,000 members. KOIMA member businesses are in variety of industries and products with such electronics, mineral products, machineries, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food & drinks, accessories, furniture, apparels & textiles, and so on. At the Forum in London, we KOIMA staff will be in interest joining in the B2B meetings with all possible London manufacturers and providers with varieties of products. We KOIMA will be highly pleased to have more meetings, in order to introduce and disseminate product information to all member companies in Korea, posting at the homepage website, for those who did not join at the delegation to London.




If you are interested in meeting with any of visiting Korean buyers or have any inquiries, please contact the following contact of KOIMA directly.


Mr J.H. Jough

Director, KOIMA (Korea Importers Association)


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