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Following hugely successful pilot scheme, The Benevolent Society are awarding further bursaries for 2017

6 September 2017


In 2016 the Benevolent Society, charity of the British Allied Trades Federation (BATF), changed its constitution to allow the charity to award bursaries to help individuals enter the industries that fall under the BATF umbrella. This has enabled the Benevolent Society to assist not only those at the end of their careers but individuals who are embarking on careers in the associated industries, allowing the Society to broaden its spectrum of support across the industries. 

Following the change in constitution a pilot scheme was launched from September 2016 to July 2017 whereby two jewellery students; Ruth Hallows and Annabel Large were awarded significant bursaries to allow them to cover their fees to progress onto higher level courses. Both students have had an extremely successful year, and have been identified as ‘rising stars’ within the industry.

As a result of such a successful pilot scheme the Trustees of the Benevolent Society agreed for bursaries applications to be rolled out to all of the other BATF federated trade associations with the first bursary of 2017 being awarded to Surface Engineering Association (SEA) member company, Swinton Electroplating. SEA Chief Executive, David Elliott said, “This is excellent news” when hearing that Sarah Evens of Swinton Electroplating had been awarded a bursary from the Benevolent Society. “We have identified that there is a skills gap within our sector and this initiative from the Benevolent Society is very welcome and will assist in the development of the next generation of surface engineers in the UK”

The application process is still open to those who wish to apply for a bursary (up to £9,000 for one candidate) to help begin or further their career within the BATF industries.



Notes to editor:

The Benevolent Society, charitable society of the British Allied Trades Federation financially assists individuals that have worked within the giftware, jewellery, surface engineering, travel goods and fashion accessories industries. Registered Charity number 208722.

The British Allied Trades Federation (BATF) is a company limited by guarantee which comprises five trade associations. Together these represent approximately 2,500 enterprises from the jewellery, giftware, surface engineering and travel goods and accessories industry sectors. Collectively BATF members employ an estimated 46,000 people and produce annual sales worth in the region of £22 billion.

Bursary application criteria:

Eligibility:              1. Candidate must be aged between 24 - 35 at 1st September in the year of entry to chosen area of study/course

                                2. Permanent UK resident

3. Candidate anticipates working in the allied trades covered by the BATF after graduation

Application:          1. Application in writing

2. Recommendation from Trade Association

3. Award paid on a termly basis to the provider at the start of each term by BACS

Conditions:           1. Applications to be reviewed by the Benevolent Society Bursary Committee

2. Recipient acknowledges award at end of year degree/diploma show if appropriate and agrees to participate in publicity and PR. Recipient also agrees to provide regular quarterly or termly updates to the trustees throughout their year of study.

3. BATF reserve the right to withdraw this bursary should the applicant not fulfil the conditions.


Laura Banner, Secretary The Benevolent Society


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