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Latest Business Opportunities

  1. DIT Business Opportunities - Slovenia - Home giftware and beauty products

    Online shop is looking for suppliers of UK brands of giftware, tableware, beauty and leisure products.

  2. China - Giftware manufacturers wanted by a Shanghai company

    An online trading company is seeking UK gift manufacturers to sell on its platform free of charge.

  3. Switzerland - Original stationery sought

    An importer is looking for a UK stationery brand with high quality products.

  4. Russia - Giftware Sought

    Bright and modern gifts brands sought by a Russian distributor.

  5. DIT Business Opportunities - Switzerland - creative children's clothing and giftware

    Opportunity for innovative giftware and children's clothing producers to link up with small Swiss distributor.

  6. DIT Business Opportunities - Germany - Jewellery, giftware and decorative items

    This is an opportunity to work with an experienced agent to enter the German market.

  7. DIT Business Opportunities - Taiwan – Lifestyle and home supplies products

    Chain store seeking quality lifestyle and home supplies products.

  8. DIT Business Opportunities - Spain – New British giftware products

    A Spanish importer is looking for high quality, original giftware items and household goods.

  9. DIT Business Opportunities - Switzerland - Natural cosmetics

    Cosmetic products made from 100% natural ingredients sought.

  10. DIT Business Opportunities - BAHRAIN - A Supplier of Giftware is required

    One of Bahrain's oldest retail and wholesale distributors of Electronics, office equipment, photography goods, homeware, accessories and FMCGs is looking for a range of giftware products like photo frames, home décor items, kitchen accessories, crockery, cutlery, linen etc.

  11. DIT Business Opportunities - CZECH REPUBLIC – Gourmet Gift Basket & Gift Sets

    Czech distributor of designer gift sets which include gadgets, corporate merchandise, gourmet food & drink, seasonal giftware, porcelain, etc. is looking for new suppliers from the UK.

  12. DIT Business Opportunities - POLAND- Request for Female and Male Gadgets/Gifts

    Polish company is looking for British suppliers of gadgets and gifts for women and men.

  13. DIT Business Opportunities - TURKEY - E-Commerce Business Seeks Suppliers of Stationery Goods

    Turkey’s first home decoration e-commerce business is looking for unique British stationery goods.

  14. DIT Business Opportunities - GERMANY - Agent Seeks UK Suppliers of Jewellery, Giftware and Decorative Items

    An opportunity to work with an experienced agent to enter the German market.

  15. UKTI Business Opportunities - Canada - Licensed and branded giftware sought

    Distributor seeks official merchandise for British shows and sporting teams.

  16. UKTI Business Opportunities - Germany - Leading German e-retailer seeks UK giftware, jewellery & tableware brands

    The company lists over 6.000 in-house and premium third-party brands and is currently trying to expand its product range by looking for new UK brand partners.

  17. UKTI Business Opportunities - Japan - Womens handbags and fashion accessories for mail order house

    Japan’s leading mail order house is looking for UK handbags and fashion accessories for women to sell though their mail order catalogue.

  18. UKTI Business Opportunities - China - British Jewellery brands sought for distribution

    A leading Chinese fine jewellery company seeks British jewellery brands to distribute in China.

  19. UKTI Business Opportunities - Russia - Organic beauty brands are wanted

    Moscow based retail store chain of organic beauty products with is looking for new organic beauty products manufactured in UK

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