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Your Office in China Company Checks

British Jewellery & Giftware International has launched a new service, targeted at companies sourcing from China as part of its range of “Your Office in China” products.    The service will provide a basic company check on Chinese suppliers, providing a reassurance that a Chinese company actually is what they purport to be.

The check will include:

  • A telephone discussion with the supplier, carried out by Chinese account managers, to confirm the company’s details, size, nature of the business.
  • Verification of company bank details, address and landline telephone number against details provided to the buyer.
  • Verification of supplier’s Company Licence, against local government registration.   
  • Inspection of company’s export licence
  • Report of findings to the UK client

These checks will usually verify whether a company does genuinely exist, whether they are a genuine manufacturer or a general trader, and whether they hold valid export licences for specific products. They provide useful reassurance for importers who are considering working with a new supplier, and complement the more detailed range of services offered by Your Office in China.

The company checks are priced at £115.00 + VAT per company checked, but members of British Jewellery & Giftware International can get a 20% discount off this fee.

To find out more about how this service can save you time and money, please complete a short enquiry form, and we will get back to you asap.

Your Office in China online enquiry form.

Alternatively please contact any member of the BJGI team.