Open to Export

What is Open to Export?Open to Export Image

Open to Export is a community driven service for small and medium sized businesses, looking for help and support in exporting from the UK.

What does Open to Export provide?

The website provides information and advice on exporting products & services from the UK in the form of articles, events and opportunities. This content is produced and contributed by our users, partner organisations and key contributors. If you think you have some expertise or advice to offer, no matter how big or small your contribution, simply register here and start participating today.

The Open to Export Q&A

The site also hosts an interactive Q&A area, where users can ask any export-related question they have. Our community of public and private sector advisors and industry experts are on hand to provide answers and assistance. If you are seeking help with exporting, you can register here and ask the community a question.

Who is behind Open to Export?

The service is delivered by hibu (UK) Ltd, in partnership with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI). With our iconic brands such as Yellow Pages and, hibu has a rich heritage of over 45 years of connecting people looking for products and services and the businesses that provide them. We are a known and trusted partner to small and medium sized enterprises who are at the heart of communities. Open to Export helps them compete in the digital world and to find markets that help them grow and succeed. For more information about hibu, visit

Future Site Development

hibu and UKTI want to ensure this is a community that thrives, so we have a dedicated team working together on constantly developing and enhancing the Open to Export service, to help UK businesses. What you see on the site today, is just the beginning and there is an on-going roadmap of development and features we plan to introduce. However, we still need your feedback to help shape the future of the site. Is there something missing, do you have a great idea, would you like to do more to help? Please let us know.

Please visit the Open to Export website to register, you can also download the   Open to Export User Guide.