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About BATF

The trade associations within the British Allied Trades Federation have supported the industries they represent since 1887, with the formation of the Birmingham Jewellers' and Silversmiths' Association. From this initiative the Gliders & Finishers were formed, working relationships with the National Association of Goldsmiths and the London Wholesale Jewellers were agreed, so that by the turn of the twentieth century the key players of today's Federation were talking and beginning to work together. With the addition of the Fancy Goods Association and the British Leather and Luggage mid century, the Federation we now see was emerging.

Today the BATF has grown to represent retailers; metal finishers, jewellers; goldsmiths; leathergoods; travelling and fashion accessories; giftware and tabletop in a rapidly changing environment. We are proud to present ourselves as the unified federation of five of the most significant trade associations in the trade and consumer marketplace.

Our industry representation includes:

  • Over 3500 members, including craftsmen, manufacturers, wholesale distributors retailers, designers
  • With 50,000+ employees
  • Worth £25+ billion at retail

Giving our trade associations unity and strength

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